Padres Documentary. Billy Beaned. Charlie Sheen. ‘Dem Bums. The Georgia Peach.


A trailer for a film called “The First Padres” which documents the old San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League. The documentary is currently close to post-production and looks like it is going to be great. This type of stuff is RIGHT up my alley and I am pretty excited about the movie. The fact that they were able to interview old PCL players from the past in addition to interviewing author Bill Swank in the film says a lot as Swank  is one of the most authoritative and knowledgeable voices on the history of PCL Baseball. Even if you are not a Padres fan, or a fan of Pacific Coast League Baseball, or even Baseball itself; still try and check this out as it looks like it is going to be a really cool documentary in general.


1959. Billy Martin during his short time with the Cleveland Indians wound up in the hospital for weeks after being hit in the face by Tex Clevenger of the Washington Senators. The ball fractured his jaw and cheekbone therefore ending his season with the Indians. It is known as being one of the worse beanings in Baseball history and it is said that the injury most likely accelerated the end of Martin’s playing career as his stats quickly declined afterwards. In Martin’s autobiography Number 1 Billy Martin he says his decision to attack Jim Brewer of the Cubs in 1960 in which he broke his jaw was a response to this injury as he was no longer going to tolerate anyone throwing at his head  (Photo HERE).


Say what you want about Charlie Sheen but one thing you can not deny is that the dude has been in some of the greatest Baseball movies of all time. “Eight Men Out,” “Major League,” and “Major League 2” are straight up classics as far as I am concerned. Recently it has been reported that Sheen is interested in bringing back Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn for a forth installment of the Major League movie franchise. Too bad James Gammon passed away and that Wesley Snipes will still be in prison. In any case I am stoked on this movie being made and I will continue to act like #3 never came out…not that I ever watched it.


June 23rd, 2007 in St. Petersburg, Flordia. Brooklyn Dodger legends (L to R): Johnny Podres, Duke Snider, Carl Erskine and Don Zimmer are all honored during a Dodgers & Devil Rays interleague game. The Brooklyn Dodgers are by far my favorite New York team in Baseball history and I feel that to have watched the Dodgers play in old Ebbets Field must have been an incredible experience. Recently after Snider’s death, Don Zimmer was quoted as saying “They’re all passing away, there’s not many left” in regards to the legacy of the Brooklyn Dodgers. That just makes me sad.


The 1908 World Series featured a rematch of the 1907 World Series as the Chicago Cubs played the Detroit Tigers. Just like in 1907, the Cubs pretty easily handled the Tigers, but that’s not to say that Ty Cobb did not have a great series. Cobb went 7 for 19, batted .368, scored 3 runs, and stole 2 bases during the 5 game series. In this incredible photo we have Cobb in mid-slide while Cubs Catcher, Johnny Kling watches behind him. Cobb’s face and body language read pure determination; he did NOT want to lose this series and was going to do everything within his own means to not let that happen again. Unfortunately Cobb never won a World Series ring as the Tigers were once again defeated the following year by the Pirates. Cobb never again made it to the World Series.


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  1. Just found your blog. Its awesome! GO PADRES!

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