Starting 2014 With Some Baseball Quotes.

Yogi Berra, Bill Veeck, Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson was, at the minimum, two Yogi Berras.”
– Bill Veeck.

Brett Anderson Oakland
“I am looking forward to this. It sounds corny, but I love baseball too much to be hurt.”Brett Anderson (on learning of his trade to the Rockies)


Jake Peavy
“I didn’t appreciate that. Just play the game. They pay him $136 million to hit home runs. They don’t pay him to be a circus act on the field. If I think a player shows me up like that, I like the next guy to take one in the stinkin’ ribs. That way, his teammate will let him know about it, he will tell him, ‘Hey, you’d better run the bases.'”
Jake Peavy (on Alfonso Soriano showing up teammate, David Wells after a home run)

dick allen chisox

“I don’t use the strike zone much,” he says. “I’m looking for something to hammer. I don’t have time to argue whether the pitch was two inches either way. Besides, that sumbuck in blue back there has more problems than I do.”Dick Allen

stan musial curt flood

“Well, you wait for a strike. Then you knock the shit out of it.” – Stan Musial’s hitting advice to a young Curt Flood


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2 Responses to “Starting 2014 With Some Baseball Quotes.”

  1. Those are great. I wish I could have seen Josh Gibson, but then I’d have to be even older than I am.

    Jay Berman

  2. I like Stan the man’s quote the best!

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