Happy 80th Birthday Willie Mays.

Today is The Say Hey Kid’s 80th birthday and to celebrate I am doing a nice little post dedicated to the greatest player of all time. I wish I was at AT&T Park tonight to celebrate and get a free Willie Mays replica but SF is simply too cold and windy to go out so I’ll watch Baseball on TV tonight where I’m warm and buy the replica on eBay instead. In any case, here’s to you Willie; Happy Birthday and may Baseball fans of all generations always appreciate how great of a Baseball player you were.


Such a cool song, why don’t people write songs about Baseball players like this anymore? This needs to be brought back.


Nothing is not perfect about this photo of Willie as he watches a ball fly off his bat.


The 1955 All-Star game at County Stadium in Milwaukee showcased Willie by making this incredible catch and going 2 for 3 while scoring 2 runs.


May 22nd, 1957. A great photo of Willie sliding into Third Base as Ernie Banks attempts to put the tag on him. As always, Willie’s hat is not on his head and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


May 3rd, 1963. Everyone loved Willie, even fans of opposing teams such as the Mets back in the early 60’s. I assume the atmosphere was much like watching & rooting for Ken Griffey Junior during his peak years in the 90’s. Everyone loved him and everyone wanted to watch him play. It’s kind of ironic because those 2 players are often compared to each other.

~ by duaneharris19 on May 7, 2011.

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