-photo rights.

I don’t own the rights to many of the photos used on 90 Feet of Perfection. If I borrow an image from your site or scan an image from your publication, I’ll always give recognition to this and provide a link as to where it came from, if possible.

I make no money off this site and never intend to. I run the site for the love of the game and to encourage the sharing of information. Photo blogs (and most blogs in general) fall under a grey area in terms of copyright infringement and as long as I don’t personally generate compensation from the site, I’m in the clear in regards to image legality.

If you take issue with any images used on 90 Feet of Perfection, please shoot me an email HERE so we can discuss the matter.

10 Responses to “-photo rights.”

  1. I run a facebook fanpage called MaxBP and very much enjoyed your photos. I happened to live and work in San Diego, where I was born and raised. I played BB at Notre Dame, and your website has intrigued me enough to want to whip out my dads old For the Love of the Game videos, but just before this email, I really didn’t give a rats butt about the modern game. At least now I may….

    • Layson,

      Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you enjoy the site and have inspired you to at least consider giving a rat’s butt about the modern game!

      – Duane/90 feet of perfection

  2. Hello, Im the grandson of Minor league baseball player John L. Smirch catcher San Francisco Seals 1926 I would like to purchase entire photo collection,recreation park,of the Seals team or a single photo if possible I am writting his life story and career in the minors 1922 -1930 please contact John, Thank You for helping.

    • John, I’m not so sure I can help you. Shoot me an email at duanexharrisATgmail.com though and I can try to push you in the right direction. – Duane / 90 Feet of Perfection

  3. Love this site and the pictures you come across and post here. Do you know of any online repository where I’d be able to find (free or paid) super high res old baseball photos? The closest I’ve found is through the Daily News but you can only buy the prints in their listed sizes. I’m trying to do something in my home that would require blowing up a picture to about 5′ wide. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Andrew, I would look on eBay. You can usually purchase hi-res prints of old photos. I know that’s not far off from Daily News, but I think there are many more options. I have purchased prints off of eBay more that once.

      – Duane /90 Feet of Perfection

  4. Is that your 1935 seals team photo? My grandfather James Densmore is in the photo. He was a pitcher.

    • Ryan,

      Like I have mentioned on this page, I do not own barely any of the rights on my site. That is very cool that Densmore is your Grandfather though!

  5. Duane: Check your email about the unnamed player on the 1939 Oakland Oaks…

  6. Any idea who the catcher was in the photo with Mickey Mantle? Thanks.

    (Mickey Mantle galloping over a bat and an opposing Catcher’s leg while preparing to cross home plate. I love this photo because you can almost tell from Mantle’s mid-stride body language that he is battling his bad knees while sprinting that last 90 feet to home. I will never tire of photo’s of Mickey Mantle in action).

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