1986 Mets. Satchel’s All-Stars. Wade. Billy. The Cobra.

A Great take on Game 6 of the 1986 World Series via RBI Baseball on NES. A must watch for Baseball fans!


1946. Satchel Paige’s All-Stars, a barn-storming team lead by the right-handed pitching legend prepare to board a flight.


August 20th, 1997. New York Yankees 3rd Basemen Wade Boggs is brought in to pitch by Manager Joe Torre during an blowout game against the Anaheim Angels. The future Hall of Famer utilized his Knuckleball to pitch a shutout inning with 1 K and 1 BB. After the game he was quoted as saying “I was Phil Niekro and Charlie Hough all rolled into one. It was great. I was glad it worked out.”


August 4th, 1960. Billy Martin, then of the Cincinnati Reds throws a punch at Chicago Cub’s pitcher Jim Brewer. Martin ended up breaking Brewer’s right orbit bone. When asked why he charged the mound, Martin claimed a pitch by Brewer in the 2nd inning came too close to hitting him.


1977 All-Star Game. Dave Parker of the Pittsburgh Pirates comes up to bat with a San Diego Padres helmet. When asked about the helmet mix up, he responded by saying “Mine must have gotten lost or stolen, I don’t remember?”


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  1. […] 1959. Cleveland Indians Second Basemen Billy Martin in the hospital after being hit in the face by the Washington Senators Pitcher, Tex Clevenger. The ball fractured his jaw and cheekbone and therefore ended his season with the Indians. It is known as being one of the worse beanings in Baseball history and lead to Martin being in the hospital for weeks. It is said that the injury most likely accelerated the end of Martin’s playing career as his stats quickly declined afterwards. In Martin’s autobiography “Number 1 Billy Martin” he says his decision to attack Jim Brewer of the Cubs in 1960 and breaking his jaw was a response to this injury he received the season before as he was not going to tolerate anyone throwing at his head anymore (Photo HERE). […]

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