Baseball Quotes.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams bats

“I’m always nice enough in the spring, until I read what those shitheads write about me.” – Ted Williams on the Boston media

Dick Allen

Dick Allen Oakland

“Compared to National League, the American League is the pussy league of baseball.”Dick Allen

Bob Costas

Bob Costas Baseball

“Baseball is a human enterprise. Therefore, by definition, it’s imperfect, it’s flawed, it doesn’t embody perfectly everything that’s worthwhile about our country or about our culture. But it comes closer than most things in American life.”Bob Costas

Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson Homestead Grays pose

“Man, when I come to the plate, I’m in scoring position.”Josh Gibson

Tony Gwynn

Tony Gween Brown Uniform

“You can’t live on what you did yesterday, you have to go out and prove yourself every day.”Tony Gwynn

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One Response to “Baseball Quotes.”

  1. However much he disliked the league, Mr. Allen rocked that classic A’s jersey quite well.

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