Feller. Robinson. Paige. The Seals. Doerr. Dickey.

Bob Feller

Bob Feller Luke Easter

July 1st, 1951. Bob Feller is carried off the field by Luke Easter and an unidentified teammate after throwing a no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers. It was Feller’s third and final no-hitter of his career and his catcher that day was Jim Hegan (shaking his hand).

I’ve been on a big kick Feller kick lately, partly due to finding THIS video from the 2009 Baseball Hall of Fame Classic at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown. Feller was 90 years old at the time and took the mound during the first inning of the game against Paul Molitor, Bobby Grich and Steve Finley. It very well could have been the last time he played baseball as he passed away in December of 2010 and I can’t find out if he played in the Hall of Fame Classic that year. In any case, I honestly don’t think it gets much cooler than this video. It makes me love baseball even more.


Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson 1950

1950. Jackie Robinson steals home in a game against the New York Giants. I was delighted to come across this photo as I had never seen it before. Recently, while looking up some info on Jackie’s career, I came across the fact that he stole home nineteen times during his MLB career (twenty of you count the one in the 1955 World Series). Consider the fact that he didnt even make his debut until the age of 28 and it makes you wonder what the number could have been. In addition to this, I stumbled across the fact that he was caught stealing home at least twelve times during his career and it may even be higher due to the stat of being caught stealing was not consistently kept track of prior to 1950.


Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige Monarchs

A great photo of Satchel Paige during his time with the Kansas City Monarchs. Much like the photo of Jackie Robinson above, I had never seen this photo before until recently and was very happy to come across it. I’ll never tire of seeing photos of the old Monarch uniforms.


San Francisco Seals

1942 Sean Francisco Seals
I recently found this photo of the 1942 San Francisco Seals and it had five last names attached to it. I was able to  figure out who 4 of them were: Kermit Lewis, Ralph Hodgin, Ray Perry, Don Trower, but the fifth name listed (“Andrews”) was nowhere to be found while looking at members of the 1942 Seals team.

Fun facts: Ray Perry (furthest to the right) is baseball writer Bill James’ favorite minor league star of all time. In addition to this, Perry played four seasons for a minor league team called the Redding Browns. I lived in Redding (California) for many years growing up and I actually read about the Redding Browns and Ray Perry when I was young.


Bobby Doerr & Bill Dickey

Bobby Doerr & Bill Dickey

Bobby Doerr of the Red Sox gets caught in a rundown with Bill Dickey of the Yankees. This photo is great as it captures two future Hall of Famers from two rival teams in action during baseball’s golden age.


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6 Responses to “Feller. Robinson. Paige. The Seals. Doerr. Dickey.”

  1. the other person carrying Bob Feller off the field is Al Rosen.

  2. I’m pretty sure the other guy carrying Feller is Al Rosen.

  3. He didn’t play in the 2010 Classic, although he did manage one of the teams and coached 3B. I was in a seat behind home plate about an hour before the game began and he came up and sat down in the stands. He sat and autographed stuff for bout 25 minutes and talked and shook hands with anyone who wanted to. A great class act or appreciated the fans, unlike most ballplayers today. He even mentioned that in his pre-game speech on the field. Keep up the great blog. I have a great pic I took of him beaming with pride and tipping his hat to the crowd right after he pitched that inning. Truly a great moment.

  4. I think the San Francisco Seal named “Andrews” might be a catcher named Stan Andrews. The Giants purchased him from the Braves the day after Pearl Harbor according to his bbref page. Found a 1942 Seals souvenir score book (here:http://www.goodoldsandlotdays.com/medley/memories-of-the-game/124-seals-stadium-in-the-good-old-days?start=1) that has him in it on Page 6) although, as you say, it appears as though he never played a game with the Seals

  5. My uncle ray perry little boffallo was his nick name ,I have his scout sheets and rolladez from my grandmothers house it even had joes dads ph init if not for the leg who no’s.

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