Gil Hodges. Thurman Munson. Black Sox. Ted Williams. Rockford Peaches.

Gil Hodges Brooklyn BP

A great colorized photo of Gil Hodges taking BP. I love the Brooklyn Dodgers, Hodges and colorized old Baseball photos when done well. This one is done VERY well, so of course I felt the need to share it.


Thurman Munson Death

A while back I came across this comic from August 3rd, 1979 by Bill Gallo of the New York Daily News entitled “No Game Today.” Thurman Munson is one of my favorite catchers of all time and while he died prior to me being born, reading this comic which came out the day after his death surely captured the feelings of Baseball players and fans everywhere when he passed away.


The Black Sox of 1919

Another colorized photo that I really enjoy: The 1919 Chicago White Sox. If you click on the photo, you can view a larger version with much more detail. Some of detail and color looks a tad forced, but the majority of it looks great and helps paint a modern look on the infamous team which later gained the nickname of the Black-Sox.


Ted Williams San Diego Padres At-Bat

Ted Williams at-bat. Photos of the Splendid Splinter actually playing during his time with the San Diego Padres of the old Pacific Coast League are hard to come by, so needless to say I REALLY like this photo. I’m not entirely sure if this was in 1936 or 1937, or who the opponent was, but I am quite certain that this is a game played in Lane Field due to what I can see of the background.


rockford peaches 1950

July 7th, 1950. The Rockford Peaches of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League sit in the dugout at Beyer Stadium in their home of Rockford, Illinois. I absolutely love this photo and anything related to the AAGPBL.

Much like the Black-Sox photo above, click on this for an enlarged version that’s definitely worth checking out.


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One Response to “Gil Hodges. Thurman Munson. Black Sox. Ted Williams. Rockford Peaches.”

  1. Hodges photo not colorized – actual color shot by the classic ’50’s sports photographer Hy Peskin, likely on 5/21/55. More shots from that day can be found in an item in the Fall 2012 auction. Peskin could capture color in that era better than no one else…

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