Lefty O’Doul. Gil Hodges. Mickey Mantle. Billy Martin. Joe DiMaggio.

1939. Manager/Player Lefty O’Doul of the San Francisco Seals spends time with some young fans on top of the home dugout at Seals Stadium. I can honestly say that this Seals uniform is one of my favorite uniforms in Baseball history and the fact that these photos are in color make me admire them more than ever.

(Click on the photo for a larger version with more detail)


The great Brooklyn Dodger First Basement, Gil Hodges poses for a photo at First Base. Hodges is one of my favorite players of yesteryear and I think it’s a shame that he’s still not in the Hall of Fame. Last I checked, Hodges holds the record for receiving the most Hall of Fame votes without actually being inducted into the Hall. I cross my fingers that the Golden Era Veterans Committee will get him inducted in 2014, however I won’t hold my breath for this.


Mickey Mantle stretches for a pose at First Base during Spring Training sometime late in his career. Something about this photo is depressing as it captures a superstar in the twilight years of his career. The Mick was a Center Fielder through and through but during the 1965 season he moved to Left Field. For the 1966 season he was moved to First Base, where spent the last two seasons of his career.

I’ve never heard how he fared at the position, but I assume he couldn’t have been all that bad if he was stationed there for two full straight seasons to close out his career.


Billy Martin. I’ve never heard of Martin being referred to as “Billy The Kid” but this nickname wouldn’t surprise me due to his fiery temperament on and off the field. Needless to say, this is a pretty cool photo of the Yankee legend.


1944. Joe DiMaggio stands on deck in his Fort Lawton baseball uniform during a game played outside of Seattle during World War II. I can’t be only person to be taken off guard by his smile? I’m just so used to seeing the Yankee Clipper with a solemn or unhappy look on his face after his Major League career took off.

To read a newspaper clipping describing the photo, click HERE.

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