My Recent Baseball finds on eBay (Vol.2)

Back in December I did a post on Baseball related items I had recently purchased on eBay. HERE is the post if you want to check it out. Well it’s time to showcase my materialistic side again and show off stuff I probably shouldn’t have bought but did anyways. If you ask me, I think I came up on some nice items lately. Hopefully these posts are somewhat interesting to those of you that read 90 feet of perfection. If not, don’t worry as I do not plan on doing these posts that often.


Buck O’Neil Autographed Baseball: Ok, so generally I refuse to spend a lot on Baseball memorabilia on eBay as part of the fun of it is finding the coolest items for the cheapest prices possible. First I want to inform you all that ever since I was probably 12 or so, I have thought autographs generally were kind of lame for various reasons. Well, I saw this Buck O’Neil ball and I HAD to have it. I am obviously a huge Buck O’Neil fan and this just had my name all over it. I was kind of skeptical of the autograph as Buck passed back in 2006 and the ball had some weird tan smudges on it. Well, this is what was seller said in the item’s info:

This is an autographed Official National League baseball, Leonard Coleman, President, signed by Buck O’Neil. The Hall of Fame first baseman signed on the sweet spot. The autograph has been authenticated by PSA/DNA Authentication. Cert. # L32613. It’s also been authenticated by Jim Spence Authentication. JSA #E01221. There is some toning on the ball, which is common with this  type of ball.

Besides the fact that the guy said Buck was in the Hall of Fame, everything is legit and checked out. I got this gem for $34.99 and I do not regret it at all. I’ll never pay for an autographed item again in my life as nothing can top how cool this is.


Tony Gwynn SDSU Bobblehead: What do we have here? Oh no big deal, it’s just a Tony Gwynn Bobblehead in which he is wearing his San Diego State University uniform. What’s kinda weird is that the bobblehead looks NOTHING like Tony but the fact that he’s wearing the awesome Aztec Black & Red is too good. In addition, I too am a product of the California State University system (SFSU for myself) and can kinda celebrate this in my own weird way. Well, these were given away back on July 18th, 2002 during a Tony Gwynn appreciation day to celebrate his return to the Aztecs as Manager of the team. Oh yeah, I got this baby for $3.00!


Tony Gwynn Jersey Shirt: Another Gwynn item and I really scored with this. The shirt was brand new with its tags, and my size (Medium) for only $4.99. I have no complaints there whatsoever as I had wanted a Gwynn jersey shirt for a long time and was prepared to spend quite a bit more on it than $4.99. Sometimes you reek the benefits of stores going out of business and they sell their stuff way cheap like this. I don’t wear this much but its cool to know I have it.


Homestead Grays Hat: I got this INCREDIBLE hat for only $5.99 and I wear it more than any other hat I own these days. The guy selling it had a ton of Grays, Monarchs, Cuban Giants, and Ethopian Clowns hats for sale. Unfortunately the only teams that really grabbed my interest were the Grays & Monarchs hats and the Monarchs were outta my size already. In any case this hat rules beyond belief. For some reason some people think it’s a Georgetown hat when I wear it, kinda annoying but whatever.


Mickey Mantle Sports Illustrated: There are so many people selling old issues of SI on eBay that its kinda unreal and for the most part they are all really cheap. Well, I saw this and wanted it. For only .99 cents, I had to buy it. This issue of SI came out the week that Mickey died back in 1995 and has some really interesting articles & photos of Mickey in it. I am thinking of putting it in a frame as the cover is so cool.


Honus Wagner Print: This photo of the Flying Dutchmen is one of, if not my favorite classic Baseball photo of all time. I had been looking for a decently sized graphic online to blow up so I can print and frame it but couldn’t find one. Well, I decided to look on the ole’ eBay and I found an 8×10 black & white glossy print right away for $5.00. It is now framed and on my wall. It kinda makes my room look like like a teenage boys again in a way but it don’t bother me that much for now.


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