My Recent eBay finds of the Baseball nature.

2 of my favorite blogs that I follow are Comic Noize and Vinyl Noize which both have the same kind of idea: they comb through eBay and do reviews on Records/Music Related items & Comic Books/Comic Related items that are currently for sale. Sometimes there is an actual review or sometimes it is a funny story. There is no real actual guideline to their posts but they are very enjoyable to read if your into Records and Comic Books like myself. Check them out if you have some extra time on your hands.

The reason I bring up these 2 blogs is because it gave me an idea to do a little eBay & Amazon thing on ninety feet of perfection. The only difference is that I am going to put up photos of items I have personally purchased as pretty much the only thing I ever search for on eBay & Amazon are Baseball related items and the occasional Comic Book related item. Maybe it will be fun to read or maybe not, in any case I like looking at photos of what I have scored for pretty cheap prices. Enjoy!


Dave Winfield Padres Bobblehead: I love Winfield and I love him in a Friars uniform more than anything else, so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. In addition, I got it for dirt cheap ($1.50) so I could not turn it down. Something that got me extra stoked on this item is the fact that he is standing in old Jack Murphy Stadium, so rad.


20th Anniversary Padres Shirt: First of all, I don’t expect many people to appreciate this shirt. 2nd of all, I do not care. This shirt brought me back to my childhood as 1987/1988 was appropriately when my interest in Baseball first started taking off. I remember being in 3rd grade looking at my 1987 a& 1988 Topps Baseball cards I had collected and thinking that the guys that wore the Padres uniforms were god-like. These were the colors of the team that I fell in love with and I miss the Friars wearing these colors like crazy. I got this shirt for dirt cheap ($5.99) and it was obviously only worn once or twice. What’s great is that it is a XL but first like a Medium, so it fits perfect on me.


Satchel Paige Bobblehead: Yep another bobblehead, I actually don’t own too many so don’t think I am a crazy collector or anything. It’s pretty obvious from this blog that I am crazy about Satchel Paige and on top of that I am always on the lookout for cool Negro League related memorabilia and Satchel WAS the Negro Leagues in a sense. While he is wearing a Cleveland Indians uniform on this bobblehead, it’s still very cool. What sold me on purchasing this ($19.99) is that he is captured in mid-kick which you dont see in many bobbleheads. I felt like a little kid opening a present on Christmas morning when I got this in the mail.


Padres PCL League Patch: I decided to search “Padres & PCL” recently and found this little gem. According to the description (which who knows if it is legit) it says: 

Made out of felt.  This patch comes from 1960’s before the Padres became a MLB team. The Padres played in the Pacific Coast League and boasted such players as Ted Williams and Tony Perez. The last team that they were the minor league affiliate for was the Phillies. Hence the colors are red and blue. When the Padres became a major league team in 1969 their colors were yellow and brown. This patch was made before then.

Regardless of whether this patch is really from their days as a Phillies affiliate is up for debate as the patch looked almost brand new but I really don’t care as it was only $1.00. I promptly had my roommate sew it onto my messenger bag & now I am sure to get harassed by Giants fans on Muni on a regular basis when they notice it…not to say that hasn’t happened many times already when wearing SD hats or shirts.


Buck O’Neil Kansas City Monarchs Shirt: Now this is the eBay find that I am most excited about. An awesome Buck shirt for only $5.00 as it was 33% off. I found this and it made my day as I am such a nerd about Buck O’Neil and the Kansas City Monarchs. I got in the mail last night and wore it proudly today. It is in great condition and is now my favorite shirt that I own.


Joe Dimaggio San Francisco Seals Bobblehead: Ok, last bobblehead for awhile. So we have Joltin’ Joe in a Seals uniform, what’s not to like about this? These were given out at AT&T Park this last August and I actually had a ticket to go to the game and unfortunately I could not go at the last moment. It didn’t occur to me until recently to try and find one online and I did pretty quickly. I only spent $14.95 on this baby and don’t regret it whatsoever. PCL memorabilia of any kind is worth buying in my opinion and this straight up rules.

~ by duaneharris19 on December 23, 2010.

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