The Freak. Bo Still Knows. Satch. Baltimore Baseball in 1924. The Splendid Splinter.

Timmy has never looked so good. How dope is that Brooklyn Royal Giants Negro League throwback jersey?? Without a doubt the Negro Leagues easily had the best uniforms in Baseball history. MLB needs to honor the Negro Leagues more often with throwback jersey days.


Speaking of awesome jerseys, look at this beauty. Bo Jackson’s classic #16 on a Kansas City Royals old baby blue jersey. I ran across this today while looking at Bo Jackson photos, almost started drooling and felt like I had to share. This may have to be my next nerdy Baseball purchase.


September 29th, 1968. At this point in Satchel Paige’s life he was a 62 year old Pitching coach for the Atlanta Braves trying to get his service time accumulated so that he can be eligible for a major league pension. Well like all of the chapters of Paiges life, there is an interesting story that comes along with it that leaves your scratching your head, thinking “wtf!?” and makes you admire him even more. According to the Baseball themed novel otherwise known as Satchel Paige’s WIKI page, this went down:

In August 1969, the owner of the Atlanta Braves, William Bartholomay, signed Paige to a contract running through the 1969 season—supposedly as a pitching coach, although it was mainly done so that Paige could gain service time to receive a major league pension. Paige did most of his coaching from his living room in Kansas City, but he did pitch in at least one pre-season exhibition game in April 1969, striking out Hank Aaron and Don Drysdale.

Satchel Paige was truly an American Badass.


I love finding stuff like this. I bet this game was simply incredible to watch on so many levels. The Baltimore Black Sox of the Negro Leagues vs. an All-Star team known as The Philadelphia Americans in an exhibition game in 1924. A cool note here is that Ed Rommel is mentioned as a member of the Americans, presumably as starting Pitcher. Rommel had a long interesting Baseball career: first as a player, then coach, then Manager and then as an Umpire. He is also known as being one of the originators and perfectors of the Knuckleball.


Well, you cant argue with this on any level.


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  1. […] up service time to collect his MLB pension he still got into a game to pitch. I posted about this HERE awhile back, it’s pretty interesting […]

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