It’s a Satchel Paige kinda day.

Today I woke up and started looking up info on Satchel Paige from his time as a member of the Portland Beavers. I still have never seen a photo of him during this time and it frustrates me. Someone has got to have one online somewhere you would think? In addition, it got me thinking that I still have never watched the bio-pic movie “Don’t Look Back: The Satchel Paige Story” starring Louis Gossett Jr as it’s not available on DVD and I am not about to spend $20 on a VHS tape. Someone needs to re-release this DVD or at least rip the VHS tape and create a Torrent file.

Not really sure if that was a great transition to this post so I apologize. Basically today got me looking through my collection of Satchel Paige photos I have collected over time and figured I would do a Satchel Paige post today with him in a different uniform in every photo. If you’re a nerd about Satchel like me you will love this post, if you don’t love Satchel then to hell with you.


Satchel and Josh Gibson. I am thinking that this was from the 1942 Negro League World Series? If not that than maybe the photo was taken at a East vs West All-Star Game. Either way it’s a great photo of these 2 legendary players who many people say may be the greatest Pitcher and Power Hitter in Baseball history. It’s not fair that these guys never got a fair shot at the Majors. Satch had his shot late in his career but just imagine if he was mowing down MLB hitters during his peak years. It’s kind of mind blowing to think what he could have (and should have) accomplished.


Here we have a photo of Satchel with the Miami Marlins. How Satchel ended up on the Marlins can be linked to Bill Veeck. In 1949 when Veeck was forced to sell the Cleveland Indians he informed Satchel that he will own another Baseball team again. He also promised Satchel that when this happens Satchel would be promised a job. Veeck delivered on his promise to Satchel and signed him to the St. Louis Browns in 1951. After Veeck had to sell his share of the Browns in 1953 he again made the same promise to Satchel. When Veeck purchased the Miami Marlins who were the AAA affiliate for the Philadelphia Phillies he made good on the deal again. I think it’s safe to say that Veeck and Satchel were homeboys.

Satchel ended up pitching for the Marlins from from 1956 to 1958 and experienced a great deal of success. He was 50 years old during his first season with the Marlins and finished the season with a 11-4 record, 1.86 ERA, pitched 2 shutouts, struck out 79 batters, all in 111 innings pitched. He was also great in ’57 & ’58 with the Marlins. It’s a shame he never got the call up from the Philadelphia due to the fact that the Phillies organization saw him as just one of Veeck’s zany gate attractions.


Satchel with an unidentifiable teammate in 1952 during Spring Training with the St. Louis Browns. Satchel really was skinny as a pole. In his autobiography “Maybe I’ll Pitch Forever,”  I remember him saying that he would put layers on under his baseball pants to give the appearance that he was not as skinny as he really was. As cool as Satchel was, it looks like he wasn’t too cool to avoid being a little self conscious about his body image.


Satchel on the mound on September 25th, 1965 during his final appearance as a Major League player as a member of the Kansas City Athletics. Check THIS post for details on this famous moment in Baseball history.


In 1965, the Houston Colt 45’s had to officially change their name to the Houston Astros.  Also in 1965 at some point or another Satchel Paige suited up in a Astros uniform. As much as I research online, I really can not find much info on the back story regarding this. Any help?


This photo is from Satchel’s time as a “Pitching Coach” for the Atlanta Braves in 1969. Even as a 62 year old Coach just trying to build up service time to collect his MLB pension he still got into a game to pitch. I posted about this HERE awhile back, it’s pretty interesting stuff.

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6 Responses to “It’s a Satchel Paige kinda day.”

  1. Just looking around online I found this account on of an old-timers game played at the Astrodome in 1965 from former Astros announcer Gene Elston:

    It looks like Satchel Paige was one of the players on the old-timers roster.

    Since this was a promotional event for the new Astrodome and the Astros organization paid for the players to fly in, my guess is that the picture of Satchel Paige in an Astros uni w/ the dome over his head was a promotional thing before/after the old-timers game.

    Either way I bet Gene Elston would know.

    • Trei,
      Thank you for finding that for me, I’m going to look into it! I def think you may be onto something though. On a related note, during my search for info I actually came across some info on a old-timers game at the astrodome in 1968 in which Paige wore a Braves uniform. I’ll be uploading a photo of the team soon.

  2. Great post! Any idea where I would be able to get a very high-res image of the Paige/Gibson picture? I’m looking for some good baseball art for my home and would love to get this blown up and printed onto aluminum. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately I do not. I found that scan online somewhere a very long time ago. None of my Satchel Paige or Negro League books have the photo in it either. Good luck trying to find it. You may wanna search Amazon for one of the books about Josh Gibson?

  3. […] to be Satchel Paige with Ted Williams coming in not far behind in 2nd place. With posts such as “It’s a Satchel Paige kinda day,” “How old would you be…,” and “Rules for staying young” along with […]

  4. 1965 old timers game at the astrodome. My dad was there and sat with the old timers after the game. He was invited by Jimmie Foxx who bought his hot dog and coke and asked if it was ok with my grandfather if my dad sat with his ‘friends’. I have a signed program with Satchel’s autograph on it.

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