Ted & Pesky, Lenny vs. Rick, Coco vs. James, 1913 Senators, and the 1992 World Series.

Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky in their Navy uniforms.


With runners at first and third, home plate umpire Ron Barnes called Philadelphia outfielder Lenny Dykstra out on strikes in the fifth inning. As Dykstra, who was leading the league in hitting at the time, approached the plate with two outs in the seventh, he started complaining to Barnes. He then turned to Dodgers catcher Rick Dempsey, accusing him of brown-nosing the umpire. As Dempsey stood up and took off his mask, Dykstra dropped his bat and stepped forward. The 40-year-old Dempsey immediately popped him in the face with his glove and followed with a quick right. The two tangled and fell to the ground and the benches cleared.

Seconds later, Dempsey was on the bottom of a huge pile. “Somebody grabbed my face when we rolled on the ground,” said Dempsey, who ended up with a large welt on the side of his face. “After I saw the replay, I saw it was Dykstra. He grabbed me by the side of the face and squeezed every pimple I had.”

“What’s he mad about?” Dempsey continued. “He made an out. I make four of them a game. If I was hitting .340 I’d be kissing every player on the opposing team.”

Words borrowed from Dodger Blues.


On Jun 5, 2008 Coco Crisp of the Boston Red Sox and James Shields of the Rays got into a nice little altercation.


The 1913 Washington Senators.


On October 20, 1992, in the 3rd game of the 1992 World Series Umpire Bob Davidson blows a triple play call in the 4th inning. Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter and Kelly Gruber of the Blue Jays stand over Deion Sanders of the Braves in disbelief. Read this wiki link for a description of the play.

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