Maris. Clemente. Rudi. Rickey. The Senators.

Roger Maris

Roger Maris Indiapolis Indians

In 1956, Roger Maris played for the Cleveland Indians AAA affiliate, the Indianapolis Indians. He hit .293/.356/.494 in 131 games, while slugging 17 home runs. I was excited to come across this photo of the future single season home run king. Also, is it me or does the young Maris physically resemble Mike Trout, if Trout he a left-handed batter?

Something that often crosses my mind in regards to Maris is that he retired at 33 years old after only 12 years in the big leagues. This leaves me wondering what else he could have accomplished during his career? I’m aware that he was often injured during his career and it’s well documented that the stress of playing in New York often took a toll on him, so I assume these factors come into play when looking at his shortened career?

Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente vs Astros

This photo features a birds-eye view of a Roberto Clemente at-bat against the Houston Astros and I’m in love with it. I love that it’s in color, I love that it features Clemente in all his glory and for some reason, I love how the batters box is pretty much non-existent. You still see the chalked lines of the box become quite messy in a game, but nothing close to this. It’s interesting to me how little things change over the years in baseball, especially those that don’t make a big difference in the big picture of the game.

Joe Rudi

Joe Rudi 1972 WS

Joe Rudi‘s game saving catch in Game 2 of the 1972 World Series is still as amazing as it was all those years ago and remains one of my favorite catches in baseball history. I can watch the catch over and over again as I enjoy and admire it so much.

Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson Stealing against Orioles

A great action shot of Rickey Henderson taking off for second base against the Baltimore Orioles while Eddie Murray unsuccessfully attempts to hold him on. I dig this photo like crazy as it captures great uniforms from the late 70s/early 80s, two future Hall of Fame members and the Oakland Coliseum during it’s glory years.

Washington Senators

1925 Washington Nationals

May 1, 1925, The Washington Nationals, fresh off their World Series victory the season before, raise the 1924 American League Pennant at old Griffith Stadium. Such amazing uniforms; Walter Johnson basically looks like a god amongst men.

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One Response to “Maris. Clemente. Rudi. Rickey. The Senators.”

  1. Three things…

    1) How did Clemente even reach the outer half of the plate from way back and way out there?

    2) I also dig that picture of Rickey leaving the blocks because it clearly illustrates his horizontalistic way of baserunning…It’s as if he’s already started a headfirst dive into second 85 feet from the bag.

    3) I also remember the snow-coned topping to Rudi’s wall-climb.

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