10 Quotes – Tony Gwynn.

File Photo of Tony Gwynn

“When you can laugh and you can laugh at yourself and laugh at others, that makes the game a whole lot easier to play.” – Tony Gwynn


Tony Gwynn Statue

“I would always leave him feeling a lot better than before I had met him.” – Vin Scully on Tony Gwynn.


Gwynn Slide

“One of the things I’m proudest about is that I played for one team.” – Tony Gwynn


Tony Gwynn & Ted Williams SD

“I’m so glad that you’re such a nice guy (and you are) but I’m also so glad that the people in San Diego just love you.” – Ted Williams to Tony Gwynn


Gwynn Signing Autographs

“Tony Gwynn was a gift to anyone who loved baseball.” – Buster Olney


Tony Gwynn Swing Follow Through

“You just can’t do it; except for that fucking Tony Gwynn.” – Greg Maddux, on being convinced that no one could accurately tell the speed of a pitch


Tony Gwynn Last Game

“Remember these two things: play hard and have fun.” – Tony Gwynn


Tony Gwynn 1998 World Series

“I’m not going anywhere. This is where I belong and San Diego is home.” – Tony Gwynn


Tony Gwynn #19 Back

“If I could have a choice, I’d be number #19.” – Adrian Gonzalez


Duane Harris 90 Feet of Perfection Padres Fan

“Tony Gwynn may be the single most important sports figure in history to a single community.” – Barry Bloom

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