Jackie Robinson Day.

It is Jackie Robinson Day. He broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers 64 years ago today and to celebrate Jackie all MLB players, coaches, and umpires are wearing #42 as they have traditionally done for the last few years. I have posted a lot about Jackie in 90 feet of perfection (an all Jackie post can be found HERE) since I launched the blog so I am not going to write a lot as everyone knows how great he was. Here’s to you Jackie:


When I was a child I absolutely LOVED Jackie Robinson. After learning about him in 2nd grade I became pretty infatuated with anything related to Jackie, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Negro Leagues. I can say that my interests have not wavered much in regards to those topics in Baseball. Late last year while cleaning out a bunch of stuff from a closet at my Dad’s house, I found this. It is a book report I made in February of 1993 when I was in 7th grade on the book  “Breakthrough to the Big League” by Jackie Robinson & Alfred Duckett.

I’ve never been much of an artist but I remember being very proud of the work I did as I had to draw 7 full pages for the report. I remember my Mom letting me stay up late to work on it and waking me up early to finish it the day it was due. Ahh, memories. Oh yeah, I got an 88/100 score on it.


Jackie and The 1945 Kansas City Monarchs:

Front (L to R): Frank Duncan, John Scott, Jackie Robinson, Chico Renfroe, Chester Gray, Herb Souell, Walter Thomas, Sammie Haynes
Back (L to R): Jesse Williams, Jack Matchett, Booker McDaniels, Jim “Lefty” LaMarque, Dozier Hood, Eddie Williams, Lee Moody, Hilton Smith, Ensloe Wylie

Thanks to Aaron Stilley and his AWESOME blog Jackie With The Monarchs for this photo. Seriously check it out.


Jackie terrorizing the opposing team on the bath paths as usual. I love how the dirt is kicking up at his feet and determination in his face. I am assuming this is at Wrigley Field in Chicago due to the Ivy on the wall.


Jackie Robinson on the May 8th, 1950 cover of Life Magazine. I assume the issue covers the movie “The Jackie Robinson Story” which also came out in 1950. You can watch the movie for free on Youtube, Hulu and even Google Video. It’s also on Netflix Instant if you subscribe. I wouldn’t say it’s the best Baseball movie as its 61 years old but its still fun to see Jackie act in it.


A great action shot of Jackie reaching to touch home plate. I am not sure who the Dodgers are playing but from what I can tell it looks like Jackie was tagged out. There are 2 things I like about this photo: The first is  Jackie’s Dodgers hat as it is in mid-air and the other being the fact that it is an action shot at home plate of him NOT stealing home (from what I can tell). Not that I dislike photos of Jackie stealing home, it’s just that there are so many of them out there and I have never seen this photo before until recently.    AJHBKWQNCBJ4 


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