I’ll Never Stop Sharing Baseball Quotes.

Bill Lee Montreal Expos
“Father time takes us all. It took Satchel Paige and it’ll take me.”Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee

Dallas Braden Perfect Game
“There is nothing left in there, it’s just a shredded mess. I left my arm on the mound at the Coliseum, and I’m okay with that.”
Dallas Braden

Dennis Boyd
“I pitched in a ballgame once in Montreal, and for five straight innings I threw a straight change-up every pitch.”
Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd

adrian cardenas cubs
“Baseball is visceral, tragic, and absurd, with only fleeting moments of happiness; it may be the best representation of life.”
Adrian Cardenas (from Why I Quit Major League Baseball)

Craig Breslow Oakland
“I can no longer denounce the relevance of Twitter. It broke the story of my trade…to me.”
Craig Breslow


~ by duaneharris19 on January 27, 2014.

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