Jackie Robinson. Michael Jordan. Ted Williams. Mays & Paige. Vin Scully.

Jackie Robinson

jackie robinson retires
A great photo of Jackie Robinson cleaning out his locker in January of 1957 at the age of 38. Like everyone else, I’ve seen countless photos of Jackie playing in the majors, in the Brooklyn clubhouse or in the Dodgers’ front offices with Branch Rickey. Until I came across this photo, I’d never seen much photo documentation of when Jackie retired from the game. I assumed it was due to possible friction regarding his decision to retire after being traded to the Giants, but it seems there was a bit more to the story. I found this on Wikipedia while researching this and it seems to check out:

“…Robinson had sold exclusive rights to any retirement story to Look Magazine two years previously, his retirement decision was revealed through the magazine, instead of through the Dodgers organization.”

Interesting stuff! I’m quite curious as to what other stuff was in the issue? I realized that this is an Associated Press photo, so I guess Look Magazine were not able to keep it entirely on the hush-hush?

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan vs Cubs
April 7th, 1994. A Chicago White Sox Minor League outfielder by the name of Michael Jordan batted 6th in the lineup in a Windy City Showdown exhibition game against the Cubs. He went 2 for 5 with 2 RBI’s and received standing ovations every time he came to bat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I loved MJ’s time in Baseball and was completely fascinated with it as a kid. Honestly, I still feel the same way. To watch video from this game, click HERE.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams Millers Rare Photo
A rare photo of Ted Williams posing for a photo from 1938 during his time with the Minneapolis Millers. I came across this photo on Instagram awhile back and was delighted as I had never seen it before. A user named @lmskobba uploaded it and said that his Great Grandmother took the photo. (Thanks for letting me share!)

Willie Mays & Satchel Paige

Willie Mays and Satchel Paige
Willie Mays and Satchel Paige pose together for a photo during Mays’ Hall of Fame induction in 1979. As a sucker for anything related to ole’ Satchel, I had to share this. It made me wonder if Mays and Paige ever faced each other? Well, after some searching around I came across Mays’ SABR bio page and found this:

“Mays recalled his first meeting with Satchel Paige: “…during the first meeting with the legend, I got a double off Paige my very first time up. I stood on second, dusted myself off, feeling pretty good. Paige walked toward me. “That’s it, kid.”… My next three times up I went whoosh, whoosh, whoosh… “

I found another variation of this story HERE and it suggests that Mays was a teenager during this game. I was confused as to when this may have happened due to the fact that Mays only officially played in the Negro Leagues only 1 season: 1948 as a 17 year old outfielder with the Birmingham Black Barons. Paige was pitching in the Major Leagues in 1948, so I didn’t think that was possible. This lead me to assume that this must have been during an undocumented exhibition or barnstorming game.

Well, after additional sleuthing, I found THIS page which says that Mays played home games for the Black Barons as a 15 year old for one dollar per game! I suppose that solves this mystery. I am just now curious as to how many times Mays faced Paige? As much as I love the Negro Leagues, I just wish the games, stats and history were documented better. But then again, there is something very cool and somewhat mysterious about the Negro Leagues that constantly leaves me always wanting more in regards to information.

Vin Scully

Brooklyn Dodgers

A wonderful photo from 1953 of the legendary Vin Scully in the WMGM radio booth at Ebbets Field. If you’re wondering where Scully is, look above the “G.” Coming across this photo made my day and I hope it does the same for you as well.

(Thanks to It’s A Long Season for sharing this gem via Sporting News)

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One Response to “Jackie Robinson. Michael Jordan. Ted Williams. Mays & Paige. Vin Scully.”

  1. You know, when you look into Williams’ eyes you can see that, even as a kid, he would probably kill a guy for just one more double.

    Another great series – thanks.


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