Berra vs Campy. Lefty O’Doul. Brett & Robinson. Oakland Oaks & A’s.

Yogi vs Campy

I recently came across this photo from one of the five World Series’ that these legends engaged in during their careers and totally fell in love with it. It doesn’t get much better than Yogi Berra trailing his National League catching counterpart in Roy Campanella out of the batter’s box.


Lefty O'Doul SF Seals 1937

1937. Lefty O’Doul during his time as player-manager of the San Francisco Seals of the old Pacific Coast League. I wonder who the lucky lady was? Considering the fact that O’Doul was known as being the most popular man in all of San Francisco, it’s very possible that he was quite popular with the ladies as well. But then again, it very well could be his wife.


Brooks Robinson & George Brett

Hall of Fame third basemen George Brett and Brooks Robinson talking shop. With Brett obviously being early in his career and Robinson’s career winding down, this photo makes me wonder if Robinson took him under his wing and passed down any potential knowledge?


1952 Oakland Oaks

1952. Manager Mel Ott and other members of the Oakland Oaks look over injured infielder Eddie Lake. I like this photo for a few reasons: 1) Anytime the old PCL got any legit press is very cool to me. 2) I always forget that Hall of Famer Mel Ott managed the Oaks after his days of Managing the Giants ended. 3) It’s kind of an unfortunate and gruesome image.


1968 Oakland Athletics Joe DiMaggio

1968. Oakland Athletics Coach Joe DiMaggio talks with (starting counter clockwise) John Donaldson, Reggie Jackson, Rick Monday, Sal Bando, and Joe Rudi. You can tell that the young players were in awe of the Yankee Clipper being their coach. DiMaggio’s time in Oakland has always interested me and I wish that I could find some good stories that involve him. Due to how cranky, particular and hard headed DiMaggio was, you know there are some great stories that exist from this time.


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3 Responses to “Berra vs Campy. Lefty O’Doul. Brett & Robinson. Oakland Oaks & A’s.”

  1. I was 7 year old oaks fan in 1952. I vividly recall Eddie Lake’s broken arm because I suffered the same injury a week later and was treated at same hospital (Herrick) in Berkeley by same doctor (Lewis). I listened to all Oaks games on KLX with Bud Foster and Bill Laws on my crystal set radio. Great to see the pic. I always wondered why they took Lake to all the way to Herrick. I think it might have been that Lewis was a renowned orthopedic Surgeon. Thanks for memory.

  2. How can I get a copy of that Brooks Robinson and George Brett picture? I have two sons named after both of those guys and an empty space in the Mantuary.

  3. Hey there! I found this post in searching for pictures of John Donaldson who happens to be my next door neighbor and friend! I would be happy to give you his mailing address if he says its OK which I bet he will (if you don’t already have it). He loves fan mail. Thanks!

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