Great Baseball Quotes

Thomas Boswell
“I think baseball is a great support to people who have emotional voids, gaps, emotional difficulties. That is to say: all of us. Those parts of us that don’t function well. Those parts of us that are sad or depressed—not every day. They can really use baseball. It isn’t just the child in a wheelchair or the shut-in senior citizen listening to the radio that needs the game. There’s part of us, part of everybody who’s a baseball fan, who needs the game at that level.”Thomas Boswell


Ted Williams Close Up

“If there was ever a man born to be a hitter it was me.”Ted Williams


Baseball Great Billy Martin in Batting Position

“I dont throw the first punch, I throw the second four punches.”Billy Martin


Willie Stargell & Dick Allen

“Now I know why they (Phillies fans) boo Richie all the time. When he hits a home run, there’s no souvenir.”Willie Stargell on Dick Allen


bill lee clowning around in the dugout.

“Make it $1500 and let me take the weekend off.”Bill “Spaceman” Lee (after being fined one day’s pay of $500)

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  1. Bill “Spaceman” Lee is the coolest athlete ever off the field…

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