Rest In Peace, Stan Musial

In addition to losing Earl Weaver last weekend, the Baseball world lost one of the greatest players of all time in Stan Musial. Much like my tribute to Weaver a few days ago, I’m paying tribute to a Baseball legend with a video and some photos that I love. Stan “The Man” Musial, you were truly one of the greats and will forever be missed by all of those who love the game of Baseball.


A great video documenting Musial’s last game in the Major Leagues. What I learned from this video is that Musial had a great day at the plate in his last game and that there is a connection between Pete Rose and himself due to this game. Please watch as it is DEFINITELY worth watching.

On a related note, if you have not yet watched Bob Costas’ eulogy at Musial’s funeral, please do yourself a favor and watch it HERE.


Stan Musial in Color
Stan Musial in color and in an amazing uniform. Baseball perfection.


Stan Musial1942
1942. Musial as a 21 year rookie fields a ball during practice. I’ve mentioned it before but I love photos and video of sluggers from yesteryear playing the field. Footage of this seems to be few and far between as media emphasis was definitely was on what players did at the plate.


Stan Musial & Tony Gwynn

Two of the greatest National League hitters of all time, Stan Musial and Tony Gwynn take part in a Sporting News photo shoot in 1997. I LOVE this photo as I make it no secret that Gwynn is my favorite player of all time. Much like Gwynn’s friendship and interactions with Ted Williams, I’m sure that he took some advice and wisdom from Musial and applied it to his own game.


Musial homerun.

Musial crosses home plate at old Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis after hitting one of his 475 career home runs. Two things I noticed about this photo: 1) The stadium seems to be completely packed. I wonder if this was an opening day or post-season game? 2) There is a TON of foul territory to the left of third base.

I’ve never researched it, but this makes me curious if many of the old stadiums from the Golden Age of Baseball shared this characteristic?


Stan Musial Slides

Another great photo of Musial at Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis as he slides safely into third base. Much like the photo of Musial fielding a ball a few photos up, I love footage of sluggers from the Golden Age of Baseball on the base paths for the same reason.


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  1. You are right about a ton of foul territory left of 3rd base. They used to have pepper games next to 3rd with 6 to 8 players before every game. I grew up in knothole gang. Full house not unusual at big games and especially Ladies Day. Many great memories.

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