Great Baseball Quotes.

Bill Lee Beard Expos

“Steinbrenner’s dead? Good, I hated that guy.”Bill Spaceman Lee after being notified of the death of George Steinbrenner


Dick Williams Padres b&w
“My first thought was, ‘Some of these guys have better control than my starting pitchers.’ My second thought was, ‘We’re dead.” –
Dick Williams on rock throwing Tiger fans after the 1984 World Series


Mickey Mantle Billy Martin 1952
“He’s the only guy I know who could hear a guy give him the finger from the back of the barroom.”
Mickey Mantle on Billy Martin‘s penchant for fighting


“He’s listed as day to day, but then again, aren’t we all?”
Vin Scully


Cool Papa Bell St. Louis Stars

“No. I only got old.”Cool Papa Bell, when asked if he ever grew tired of playing Baseball

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  1. Some great quotes there. Love Cool Papa Bell’s comment.

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