Maris & Mantle. Uhalt. Cobb. Williams & DiMaggio. Berra.

1961, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. Not too much more to say here.


April 10th, 1938. Frenchy Uhalt of the Hollywood Stars safely scores the winning run in a game against the San Francisco Seals at old Gilmore Field. I don’t think you could capture a finer Baseball moment on film, everything is absolutely perfect about this photo.

Frenchy Uhalt played parts of TWENTY years in the Pacific Coast League with the Stars, Oaks, and Seals while playing part of just ONE season in the big leagues with the White Sox. He was inducted into the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame after accumulating a .332 Batting Average with 2798 hits during his long career in the PCL.


All signs point to this being a comic in a newspaper after Ty Cobb‘s now famous incident on May 12th, 1912 in which he went into the stands and attacked a New York fan. A great article telling the story of the altercation and the aftermath can be found HERE.


1969, Oakland, Coliseum. Ted Williams & Joe DiMaggio meet for the first time in fifteen years; Williams as Manager of the Washington Senators and DiMaggio as a Coach/Vice President of the Oakland A’s.

I have a hard time believing that these Baseball legends had not met since 1954. Their lives and careers were always magnified, compared, and coincided with each other on such extreme levels that I would think that their lives would cross paths at some point; especially after Williams retired after the 1960 season. But then again, knowing what I know about these guys being some of the most hard-headed individuals to ever walk the Earth, this is probably true.


1959. Yogi Berra playing some Outfield in order to rest his thirty four year old legs. According to the photo’s description he returned to behind the plate later in the game; so I guess his legs didn’t get all that much of a rest. I love photos and video of players not in their natural positions. It helps me appreciate and view them in a fresh and different light.

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  1. That is a great photo of Frenchy Uhalt. There’s something to be said to having the photographer on the field, right next to the play to give it a totally different feel then photos from today. The cameraman being off the field with long lens can’t give the feeling of being right there as the old photos did.

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