Satchel Paige. San Francisco Seals. Joe DiMaggio. Padres vs Oaks. Pepper Martin.

This photo captures Satchel Paige with some teammates during his time with the old Miami Marlins of the International League. Paige played for the Marlins from 1956 to 1958, during their years as the AAA affiliate of the Phillies. Old Satch put up remarkable numbers for a man of his age (49 to 51) but unfortunately he was never called up to the big leagues by Philadelphia.


1905. A great photo of Nick Williams of the San Francisco Seals from the old Pacific Coast League. It’s crazy to think that this photo was taken 109 years ago.

Nick Williams had quite the interesting career in the PCL. The First Basemen/Outfielder was a San Francisco local who originally came up with the Seattle Siwashes, an early predecessor to the Seattle Rainers. He spent the majority of his playing career with his hometown Seals though.

After his playing days were over he spent a season as an Umpire in the PCL (1915) and also bounced around various Minor League teams for years as a Manager before becoming a scout for his hometown Seals. Eventually he became the Manager of the Seals for six seasons and twice during that time he brought home the PCL Championship (1928, 1931).


A great view of Joe DiMaggio laying down a bunt at the Polo Grounds during the 1936 World Series. This was Joltin’ Joe’s first World Series (it was his rookie season) and it was the Yankee’s first without Babe Ruth playing as he left the Yankees after the 1934 season. The Yankees ended up beating the Giants 4 games to 2 in the series.

To watch some great footage of the 1936 World Series, click HERE.


A great action shot of the San Diego Padres and Oakland Oaks from 1941. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the players are? I can’t place San Diego player’s face to other photos I have from that year. In addition, I can’t figure out for the life of me what Oakland First Basemen wore #5.

About the only thing I am certain about regarding this photo is that it was taken at Oaks Park.


Pepper Martin of the St. Louis Cardinals reaches first base on an error during the 1930 season.

I love this photo so much. The chalk dust coming up off the bag, Martin’s cap laying on the base line, the First Basemen scrambling to get the dropped ball, and Martin in mid-sprint. This photo is basically Baseball perfection.


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