Eric Byrnes. Bill Lee. Yogi Berra. Gene Mauch. Willie Stargell. Dale Murphy. Rollie Fingers.

April 18th, 2010. You can’t look at this photo and tell me that Baseball doesn’t rule. What we have here is Eric Byrnes attempting to run over Catcher Alex Avila during a Mariners and Tigers game from last year. Byrnes was tagged out, but wow did he look cool doing so. I loved the way Byrnes played the game, hard nosed and with a lot of energy. It’s really too bad his career was derailed due to injuries.


1976. Bill Lee after the now infamous brawl between the Yankees and Red Sox which left his shoulder seriously injured after Graig Nettles got a hold of him.


Holy Moly, finding this photo is like finding a treasure chest in a sunken ship! What we have here is a photo of a VERY young Gene Mauch and Yogi Berra while playing American Legion Baseball. While it’s very obvious who Yogi is in the photo, I’m not quite sure what player is Mauch.


Willie Stargell and Dale Murphy. I found this photo and thought I was seeing things as I have NO recollection of Stargell being a coach for the Braves. I looked into it and it turns out he was a Braves coach for a number of years and was a big influence on a young Chipper Jones.  While that’s cool and interesting, I must say that I feel uneasy seeing Stargell in any uniform other than the Pirates.


1971. A great photo of a 24 year old Rollie Fingers during his 3rd full season with the A’s. The fact that this was prior to his trademark mustache along with him wearing such an awesome A’s uniform both add to the pure awesomeness of this photo.


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3 Responses to “Eric Byrnes. Bill Lee. Yogi Berra. Gene Mauch. Willie Stargell. Dale Murphy. Rollie Fingers.”

  1. These are some priceless photos!

    • Thanks for checking out the site. I am currently looking over yours, I dig it a lot. Keep up the good work!

  2. Chipper and David Justice absolutely revere Pops.

    Chipper has told the story several times about how Willie walked up to him one day when they were taking BP in the minors (or possibly spring training), handed him a very big and heavy bat and said, in a voice that made it clear that it wasn’t a request, “Use this”, then turned and walked away.

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