2012 BBA Post-Season Voting

As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance it is required that I vote 4 times a year in regards to different matters relating to Major League Baseball. We vote on the following awards every calendar year:

January: Hall of Fame vote.  This vote is based on the official Hall of Fame ballot for the BBA recommendation of who should be selected.

March: We vote for the Ring Lardner Award. This is given to the baseball writer who, along with quality writing, has a strong internet presence.

June: All-Star Game voting, self explanatory.

October: Post-Season awards. There are five awards voted on: Willie Mays Award (Rookie of the Year), Connie Mack Award (Manager of the Year), Walter Johnson Award (Cy Young Award), Stan Musial Award (MVP), and the Goose Gossage Award (Top Reliever).

Considering that my votes are due today for the Post-Season awards I should get this up. So here we go…

Connie Mack Award (manager of the year):
American LeagueBob Melvin (This was a toss up between Melvin & Showalter and in my eyes, Melvin wins. However, I admit that this may be due to the fact that I’m an A’s fan and was much more familiar with his season
National LeagueDavey Johnson (If Davey doesn’t win National League Manager of the year I will be shocked)

Willie Mays Award (rookie of the year):
American LeagueMike Trout (No need to explain my decision here)
National LeagueBryce Harper (I could have easily went with Wade Miley here but I was very split and when I am split on a decision like this, I will always pick a position player over a Pitcher. Sorry Wade)

Goose Gossage Award (top reliever):
American LeagueFernando Rodney (Quite a no-brainer if you ask me)
National LeagueCraig Kimbrel (My first instinct was to go with Kimbrel, but Aroldis Chapman was not far behind whatsoever)

Walter Johnson Award (Cy Young):
American LeagueJustin Verlander (If someone were to vote for anyone other than Verlander for this award, I would question their sanity)
National LeagueRA Dickey (Much like Verlander above, no one else is as deserving as Dickey as far as I’m concerned)

Stan Musial Award (MVP):
American LeagueMike Trout (Yes, I know Cabrera won the triple crown which is cool and all, but come on people it’s 2012. Get with the times)
National LeagueBuster Posey (This was very difficult as I believe Ryan Braun is just as deserving. If Posey wasnt a Catcher I probably would have gone with Braun)

~ by duaneharris19 on October 16, 2012.

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