The Mets. Maury Wills. Oaks Park. Dizzy Dean. Hank Greenberg.

Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, and Jerry Koosman in the Mets’ clubhouse during their time with the Mets in the late 60’s. What an amazing pitching trio.


1957, Seals Stadium. Maury Wills of the Seattle Rainers beats Frank Kellert of the San Francisco Seals to first base.

Look how poorly attended Seals Stadium is here. I’ve read that things got pretty rough in the late years of the Seals organization but wow, this is bad.


From 1912 to 1955, the Oakland Oaks and various other Baseball teams played at Oaks Park in Emeryville, California.

This photo of an unkept and deserted Oaks Park was taken in 1956, a year after the Oaks left the Bay Area to become the Vancouver Mounties. Only one word can describe the feelings while looking at this photo: depressing.


1937. Dizzy Dean of the St. Louis Cardinal Dizzy Dean warms up while fans at Braves Field watch the future Hall of Famer. I love everything about this photo.


1930. A great photo of Hank Greenberg at the age of 19. Hammerin’ Hank only had one at-bat in one game with the Tigers that season and didn’t appear in the big leagues again until 1933. The rest was history.


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