In Memory of Gary Carter.

Throughout any given day I receive various text message notifications which inform me of baseball news such as scores, transactions, injuries, and whatnot. Unfortunately these messages sometimes bring news which is saddening and makes me feel uneasy and that is exactly what just happened. Hall of Fame Catcher Gary Carter passed away today at the age of 57 due to his battle with brain cancer. I believe I speak for most people in the Baseball community when I say that this was somewhat expected after recent news of him taking a turn for the worse. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Some of my earliest Baseball memories were of my brother and me looking at our Baseball card collections and always referring to Carter as “Smiley Guy” because of his huge grin. To this day Gary Carter is still “Smiley Guy” to me and that is nothing but a compliment to him. I guess I would always have a smile on my face too if I was a Hall of Fame player who played hard and loved playing during a 19 year career in the big leagues. With that said, I feel honored to have grown up in the era that I did so I was able to witness Carter play the game.

Today is a sad day for Baseball as we lost one of the greats. Gary Carter, you will be truly missed.

~ by duaneharris19 on February 16, 2012.

One Response to “In Memory of Gary Carter.”

  1. My boyfriend Nick Paccione and i at the time went in the middle of the night to the airport to welcome Gary Carter,Daryl strawberry and their team mates in for the most important game of all times it was so cool Gary was so down to earth!that was in the late 80’s.What a great memory to have of him!!!

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