Great Baseball Quotes.

Baseball is like joining an enormous family with ancestors and forebears and famous stories and histories. It’s a privilege, it means a lot. The people who tell me they hate baseball or are out of baseball, they sound bitter about it. But I think that they sense what they’re missing. I think that they feel that there’s something their not in on, which is a terrible loss and I’m sorry for them. – Roger Angell

(This is possibly my all-time favorite baseball related quote. It can be found in Ken Burns’ Baseball documentary)


He told me he puts 70 percent of his weight on his back foot and 40 percent on his front foot. I thought for a second “I’ve got to try that.”Russell Branyan (on Manny Ramirez)


I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season, because you had a horseshit summer.Billy Martin’s Christmas card to Umpire Jim Evans.


If I am remembered by anyone, I would want it to be as a guy who cared about the planet and welfare of his fellow man. And who would take you out at second if the game was on the line.Bill Lee


Deion Sanders: I’ll do anything possible to help the team- steal, walk, bunt, anything.

Sportswriter: Get hit by a pitch?

Deion Sanders: No.

~ by duaneharris19 on January 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Great Baseball Quotes.”

  1. Love it! Great post- great quotes!

  2. Roger Angell’s Baseball work is among the best ever written, by anybody. His books are worth their weight in gold.

    Don’t let Deion’s goofy quotes fool you: he was a pedal to the floor player his whole career.

    I really do love that you’re a fan of both Lee and Martin. They didn’t like each other but in a lot of ways they’re very similar. That sometimes happens when people are too much alike…they’re like repelling magnets.

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