Joe DiMaggio. 1880s Baseball. Dmitri Disses Bonds. Dick Allen. Teddy Ballgame.

A great view from behind of Joe DiMaggio in the batter’s box. It doesn’t get much better than this as it gives you about as close of a view into what DiMaggio saw from home plate in those years.

I must say that Baseball photographers from yesteryear were incredibly brave. I often wonder if any photographers from that era ever got seriously injured while taking photos on the field?


An 1880’s African American Baseball team from Danbury, Connecticut. Such an amazing photo in so many ways, click on the photo for a nice close up of the team.


Say what you want about Dmitri Young, but I’ve always liked him. Recently I found this video from 2007 in which he addresses Barry Bonds chasing the all-time home run record by suggesting that “If it was Ken Griffey Junior I think it would be a little more exciting.” I must admit that I like Dmitri even more now.

Someone give this man a contract right now.


An odd photo of Dick Allen actually smiling during his time first stint with the Phillies. I hope to see that same smile again one day when he eventually gets into the Hall of Fame like he rightfully deserves.


Ted Williams hitting grapefruits tossed by Red Sox Manager Joe Cronin. I would love to know the story behind this?


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