Tony Gwynn. Alou Brothers. Honus Wagner. Brooks Robinson. Lou Gehrig.

A great photo of my childhood hero, Tony Gwynn from the early to mid 1990’s. What I would give for the Padres to wear those pinstripes again on a regular basis again.


Felipe Alou and his recently passed away brother Matty Alou during their time together with the San Francisco Giants. Such a great photo, I only wish younger brother Jesus Alou was in too.


As a follow up to the photo I posted of Honus Wagner in my last post, I present you with a photo of the Flying Dutchman taking batting practice during his senior years as a coach for the Pirates. When I find photos like this it makes me love the game of Baseball even more. So cool.


Brooks Robinson making one of his many incredible defensive plays during the 1970 World Series. I can watch his highlights from that World Series over and over again and never get sick of them. Click HERE to watch the footage courtesy Ken Burns’ Baseball documentary. It is very possible that his play against Lee May at 1:22 in the video may be my favorite defensive play ever.


A very young Lou Gehrig from his time at Columbia University. He played with Columbia from 1921-23 and actually attended the school on a football scholarship. He quit during at the end of his sophomore year to sign with the Yankees and the rest was history.

On a related note, I am currently listening to the audio book of “Luckiest Man: “The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig” by Jonathon Eig. The book is written SO well and I have been suggesting to anyone who will listen that they should check it out. Do yourself a favor and do the same if you love the game of Baseball.

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3 Responses to “Tony Gwynn. Alou Brothers. Honus Wagner. Brooks Robinson. Lou Gehrig.”

  1. My Dad wanted to name me Brooks, but my Mom wasn’t having it.

  2. Lamento su deceso de uno de mis jugadores favoritos del mejor baseball del mundo, fue ejemplo para muchos niños y jovenes del baseball, cuando se presento en Puerto Rico fue parte del equipo de los vaquero del Bayamon de Puerto Rico, mas tarde regreso ya estando en las Grande Ligas son de los muy pocos jagadores que jugando en Grandes Liga venga a Puerto Rico a jugar en nuestro baseball invernal, gracias mil porque aqui completo su crrera beisbolistica en mi pueblo de Puerto Rico, donde han pasado los mejores jugadores de las Grandes Ligas, como Willy May, Han Arron, y muchos mas jugadores, junto a Roberto Clemente quien abrio las puertas para muchos futuros jugadores en mi puble de Puerto Rico.

    Tony Gwynn hombre de un corazon enorme lamentamos su partida, Gracias por sus numeros del baseball….gracia ahora perteneces a las estrellas del cielo donde tendras una posicion permanente del jardin derecho….Que descanse en PAZ….

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