Happy Birthday Buck O’Neil.

Buck O’Neil has long been one of my heroes. I’m still as fascinated by Buck and his life as when I first learned about him. If you want to read a post I did last year which really captures how I feel about him, click HERE.  Well, today would have been Buck O’Neil’s 100th birthday and to celebrate I am doing another post with some interesting Buck photos. Long live Buck O’Neil, one of the greatest of all time.

Buck during his time with the Kansas City Monarchs. This photo is well known and I have actually used it in the blog before, but this version is much more clear.


Buck O’ Neil standing next to his statue at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Visiting both the NLBM and Cooperstown are on my to-do list and I will not consider my life complete until I do so.


Buck getting ready to round 3rd base during a game with the Kansas City Monarchs.


The Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.


Kirby Puckett and Buck O’Neil, 2 legends who are no longer with us.


Buck during a photo shoot for Pepsi. I hate Pepsi (I’m a Coke guy) but still LOVE this photo.


A very cool photo of Buck popping some sunflower seeds during his time as a coach for the Chicago Cubs.

~ by duaneharris19 on November 13, 2011.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Buck O’Neil.”

  1. Re: “Visiting both the NLBM and Cooperstown are on my to-do list and I will not consider my life complete until I do so.” My wife and I visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in August 1995. It had been a lifelong dream to visit it. Amazingly, it was even better than I anticipated. I also visited the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City sometime during the early ’90s. It was pretty small, but very nice. I imagine it is even bigger and better now. I also had the opportunity to hear Buck O’Neil speak during the SABR Convention there in Kansas City in 1996. What an inspiring speaker and very positive man! He had lots of great stories about Satchel Paige, too.

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