The Seals & Giants. Bismarck Churchills. Longoria & The Rays. Satchel. Nyjer Morgan.

1947. The San Francisco Seals and New York Giants square off during a exhibition game at Seals Stadium. Little did fans and players know that in 11 short years the Seals will no longer exist and the Giants would be calling Seals Stadium their home.


The 1935 Bismarck Churchills. If you are not familiar with this team I highly suggest you do some research on them. In a nutshell, they were an independent team that operated outside of actual leagues for the most part due to the fact that they were a mixed race team. They are best known for having Satchel Paige and Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe on the team and for winning the 1935 Wichita, Kansas National Semi-Pro Tournament.

The adventures of the 1935 Bismarck team are well documented in Ted Radcliffe’s book “36 Years of Pitching & Catching in Baseball’s Negro Leagues.” 


Another photo from last night and what a photo it is. I woke up last night and actually had trouble falling back asleep due to thinking about about all the dramatics that went down. Baseball rules.


1969. An interesting photo of Satchel Paige during his time as a “Pitching Coach” with the Atlanta Braves. The 63 year old doing agility warm-ups is humorous to me; although it does look like he was in pretty good shape. I am assuming this photo may have been from the pre-season exhibition game in which he pitched and struck out Don Drysdale.


Say what you want about Nyjer Morgan but you have got to admit that he is fun to watch play the game. I am excited to see what does during the post-season. Let’s hope that he behaves himself.

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3 Responses to “The Seals & Giants. Bismarck Churchills. Longoria & The Rays. Satchel. Nyjer Morgan.”

  1. It was during this time that the rivalry between Jamestown and Bismarck . .In Jamestowns first game Double Duty tossed a shutout beating Roosevelt .Davis and New Rockford and began a five-month period during which Jamestown .dominated semipro baseball in North Dakota.

  2. I created a “colorized” version of the Seals-Giants photo above. Thought you night enjoy seeing it.


    • Pete, I love the colorized version of the Seals/Giants photo. Very cool, keep up the good work!

      – Duane / 90 feet of perfection

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