Satchel in Cuba. The Brooklyn Coaches. Seals vs Oaks. Newk & Campy. Beavers vs Tigers.

This photo captures a young Satchel Paige during his time with the Santa Clara Leopardos of the Cuban Leagues. Satchel played with the Leopardos in 1929 and 1930. Any photo of Satchel is great and in my opinion a young photo of him in Cuba is priceless. Actually it went for $925.77 in an auction back in 2004, not priceless but you get the idea.

(This photo is from which is an awesome site. Check it out, you won’t regret it.)


1938. Here we have Babe Ruth during his time with the Brooklyn Dodgers alongside fellow coaches Burleigh Grimes and Leo Durocher. While Ruth and Durocher are well known, I did not know anything about Grimes before finding this photo. I decided to geek out and do some research on the guy.

What I found out about Grimes is that during his playing days he was the last Pitcher to legally throw the Spitball. After the pitch was banned in 1920, he was a member of the 17 player group who were “grandfathered” in and allowed to use the pitch. He lasted longer then the other 16 players and ended up having a Hall of Fame career. In addition to this he once threw a ball at a batter who was in the on-deck circle. While pitching.


I snapped a photo of this comic recently while I was at the Northern California PCL player & family reunion. I am assuming the 1948 Seals & Oaks were not young teams? I will never get enough of old PCL stuff like this.


September 27, 1955. Don Newcombe & Roy Campanella run around Yankee Stadium prior to Game 1 of the ’55 World Series. You can’t look at this photo and disagree with the fact that Baseball keeps us young. I seriously love this photo so much.


1909. An awesome 102 year old photo from a PCL game which placed the Portland Beavers (black uniforms) against the Vernon Tigers. When I initially found this photo the description said it was from 1908 which confused me as The Vernon Tigers did not enter the PCL until the 1909 expansion. After some research, I came to the conclusion that it was from 1909 as the uniforms match up to the year. Regardless of the year, it’s still a great photo.

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3 Responses to “Satchel in Cuba. The Brooklyn Coaches. Seals vs Oaks. Newk & Campy. Beavers vs Tigers.”

  1. played in Spy Hill Saskatchewan Canada with Bill Lee, the last major leaguer in Spy Hill was Satchel.

  2. Hey there!

    I’m doing a short video on the history of holman stadium and I need some pictures of Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella, may I use the one that you have here?

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