Charlie Hustle. Latos as Jones. Varitek vs Crawford. McGwire. Negro League Day in Detroit.

What a great photo of Pete Rose sporting a vintage Reds uniform, stirrups, and a flap-less helmet. This has got to be the first inning of a game as Rose’s uniform is completely clean.

Charlie Hustle was definition of cool. Well, until the whole gambling thing got out.


Earlier this season the San Diego Padres wore their always classic 1984 uniforms. Mat Latos took it upon himself to to do an impression of one of his pitching mentors, Randy Jones. Very funny and cool if you’re a San Diego fan.

Whatever uniform changes the Padres decide to go with for the 2012 season they better bring back the brown. According to hints dropped by Team President Tom Garfinkel, the new uniforms will be a nod to their 1936 PCL uniforms and/or a nod to brown uniforms of the past. I can’t wait.


Future teammates Jason Varitek and Carl Crawford had themselves a nice little collision at home plate in 2008. As easy as it is to rag on the AL East at times, you got to admit they play extremely hard against each other and there is always the flare for the dramatic between the teams.


April 5th, 1994. Mark McGwire wears a Oakland Oaks uniform during a late spring training game against the Giants. Both teams wore uniforms which honored the legacy of their local Pacific Coast League teams. To see a photo of Barry Bonds wearing his Seals uniform that day, click HERE.


June 12th, 2010. The Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates celebrated Negro League Day at Comerica Park in Detroit. The Tigers represented the Detroit Stars while the Pirates sported very cool Pittsburgh Crawfords uniforms. I love this photo because you see the players chatting and I’d like to think they are discussing how much they like their throwbacks. At least that’s what I’d like to think as that’s what I would be excited about that day.


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  1. Thanks for that Crawfords shot. Awesome.

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