Help out “Have Glove, Will Travel: The Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee Movie”

If there is one person in Baseball history besides Satchel Paige that needs his life told through a movie I’d say without a doubt that it’s Bill “The Spaceman” Lee. Well, it looks like movie director Brett Rapkin feels the same way and is looking to do just that. Rapkin is currently looking to create a scripted narrative film based on Lee’s great book “Have Glove, Will Travel: Adventures of a Baseball Vagabond” which chronicles his Baseball life post-Major League Baseball.

Since the project will be an independent film he is looking to for assistance in terms of funding. If you would like to donate to the project, please check out Rapkin’s KickStarter page HERE or click his photo above. In addition, there are Lee related “prizes” for people who pledge money towards the project so that makes donating even more worth it.

If you love the game of Baseball and want to see this movie come to life, please check out the page and donate is possible. If can afford to donate then you certainly can too. Now if only I could afford to go to Lee’s Space Camp and have a walk on role in the film…

~ by duaneharris19 on August 12, 2011.

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