Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Day.

Yesterday I went to the Oakland Athletics and Texas Rangers game at the Oakland Coliseum and got what is possibly the coolest Bobblehead ever made. The Bobblehead celebrates the 20th anniversary of breaking  Lou Brock’s all-time stolen base record and I gotta admit it was done perfectly. 3 things to take note about the Bobblehead which make it incredible:

1) The dirt on the uniform.

2) The neon green Mizuno batting gloves (I had these as a kid because Rickey did, I may have to scour the internet to find them again)

3) The date May 1st, 1991 and the words “DOWN TO BUSINESS” are on the bottom part. (not seen in photo)

While The A’s lost the game 11 to 2  which is a bummer, it was still an unbelievable day because I spent it with great friends in incredible weather, and oh yeah Rickey threw out the first pitch! To read a great article about Rickey and his views on the bobblehead via the SF Gate, click HERE. Rickey truely was the greatest of all time.

Here are some photos from the day taken on my iPhone:


While waiting in line for the Bobblehead this car was parked right next to us in the parking lot. Simply amazing.


The view from our seats. Hopefully some good luck comes to the A’s organization and they can get a new stadium. The ole’ Coliseum is just terrible but hey then again the weather is always better than at AT&T on the other side of the Bay so they will always have that going for them.


That’s whats up.

~ by duaneharris19 on May 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “Rickey Henderson Bobblehead Day.”

  1. Bobbleheads are sort of hit and miss with me but this one is mega cool. Much like the guy it represents.

  2. You left out the part where I arrived at the stadium 2 hours later than you and still scored one of these bad boys! 😉

  3. Extremely jealous of the bobblehead. It’s gorgeous.

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