The Yankee Clipper. 2011 Phillies Starting Rotation. Padres PCL Uniforms. The Big Train. Billy & Jackie in Oakland.

While reading up on Joe DiMaggio recently I came across this great photo. I have always loved this image due to it gracing the cover of the May 3rd, 1993 issue of Sports Illustrated (photo HERE). This is actually an issue that I still own from my childhood. Well, I love it even more now that I know what the entire photo consists of. Sports Illustrated cropped out some of the great elements of the photo such as the cameraman, the lack of a batter’s box, and the catcher’s whole body with the Umpire behind him. I have a hunch this photo is from Spring Training however I could be wrong. In any case, everything is great about this photo of the Yankee Clipper.


The Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation this season makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. I can only imagine what National League hitters are going through when going into a series against these dudes toeing the slab. I hate predictions in Baseball but if I were to put money on a NL Cy Young winner this season it would have to go to Halladay again.

I hear a lot of “Greatest Pitching Rotation Ever” being thrown around which I think is a ridiculous claim to make no matter who is suggesting it. With that said I believe this rotation is the best in Baseball in my opinion (San Francisco is right behind Philly if you ask me) and has the POTENTIAL to be one of the top 10 to 20 rotations of all time. On a side note, it’s a little funny that Joe Blanton isn’t included in this photo. Maybe it’s because he could be used as a bargain chip in a mid-season trade if Philly’s offense is weak and needs an upgrade?


On June 25th, 2005 the San Diego Padres played the Seattle Mariners in an interleague game in San Diego at PETCO Park. Both teams celebrated the Pacific Coast League by wearing PCL throwback uniforms and I can say they were some of the nicest uniforms I have ever seen during a Big League game. The Padres wore their 1936 PCL Padres uniforms while the Mariners wore the 1938 Seattle Rainiers uniforms. To see a photo of both team’s uniforms in action click HERE and if you subscribe to MLB.TV you can still watch the highlights of the game HERE.

Well, this season marks the 75th anniversary of Padres Baseball in San Diego and they are turning back the clock once again. On June 11th the Padres will be wearing the 1936 uniforms against the Nationals and giving away “PCL Padres Vintage Caps” as promo item for fans. I know where I am going to be on June 11th.


Walter Johnson warming up before a game as member of the 1924 World Champion Washington Senators. Something about the Big Train always kind of captivates me in the sense that I really would like to see him pitch in modern day during his peak years. Just to see how he matches up against other top Pitchers of the last 20 years or so would be some seriously cool stuff to witness. A guy can always dream…


Billy Martin and Jackie Jensen were teammates on the Oakland Oaks of the Pacific Coast League in 1949 prior to being attained by the New York Yankees. Billy went on to become an incredibly popular Yankee as both a player & Manager. He was recognized as being an all-time great Yankee in 1986 by having his #1 was retired by the team. Jensen on the other hand went on to become a very popular member of the Red Sox and was inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2000. I absolutely love this AP photo. Billy Martin and the PCL are Baseball related subjects that set off my nerdy Baseball interests like crazy and them both together in one photo pretty much blows my mind in excitement.

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