The Mick. Rickey. Cal & Eddie. The Natural. The D-Train.

Mickey Mantle always looked so cool in his classic “kneeling in the on-deck circle” position he would take prior to his at-bats. I catch myself doing the same sometimes when I am playing Baseball just because the images of Mantle doing this have been so burned into my brain since I was a child. I can’t even imagine how many kids in the 50’s & 60’s mimicked this and the other things The Mick did on the Baseball field.


One of my favorite images in Baseball history is Rickey Henderson stealing bases head first. Here we have Rickey in mid flight against the White Sox on his way to stealing one of 1,406 career stolen bases. Thinking about it, I do not remember Rickey ever stealing feet first. If I remember correctly, in his autobiography “Off Base: Confessions of a Thief”  he mentions he injured himself stealing feet first at a young age and decided never to do it again. Rickey ruled.


Cal Ripken Jr and Eddie Murray of the Baltimore Orioles clowning around. Man, I really loved those old Orioles jerseys. Hey Peter Angelos are you listening? Bring these baby’s back!


Speaking of awesome uniforms, how sweet is Josh Hamilton’s throwback Washington Senators uniform?? It looks so nice that I think the Rangers should consider tweaking their red alternate uniforms to this exact color scheme to pay homage to their organizational roots…minus the blue cleats.


August 29th, 2007. Pitcher Dontrelle Willis went deep against Braves pitcher Buddy Carlyle. Not only could he pitch with style, the dude could hit with style. I miss the D-Train and the way his career has been derailed since he left the Marlins has been an extreme bummer. Last week there was a good article in which Reds pitching coach Bryan Price says he likes what he sees in Willis so far with his off-season workouts. Myself, along with the most Baseball fans (I assume) would love to see Dontrelle pitch brilliantly again like he did back in Florida and this article gives me some faith that it may be possible. But then again that could be me just being an optimistic fan. Check out the article HERE.

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