Lou & Cool Papa. Flash. The Dimaggio Brothers. The ’81 Dodgers. Clemente.

September 10th, 1974.  Cool Papa Bell is on hand to witness and offer congratulations to Lou Brock after stealing his 105th base of the season. Brock finished the season with 118 stolen bases which is still a National League single season record while Rickey Henderson (obviously) holds the modern single season stolen base record with 130 which was set in 1982. HOWEVER before 1898 a stolen base was defined as and credited to a base runner who reached an extra base due to another player hitting a ball into play. With that said, Hugh Nicol is still credited in the record books for setting the stolen base record back in 1887 with 138 stolen bases as a member of the Cincinnati Red Stockings. Of course anyone with half a brain knows that Rickey is the actual king.


1943. A great action shot of Joe “Flash” Gordon of the New York Yankees in mid air at Second Base. I have mentioned before how much I admire Gordon and his Hall of Fame career. In my opinion, his name should be mentioned in the same sentences as many other Yankee greats. Read his wiki page HERE and beef up on what a stud this dude was on the Baseball field as a player and then as a Manager.


Vince, Dom, and Joe DiMaggio at a Old Timer’s game. Not sure what the year this photo was taken but I am thinking it was the late 70’s. Such a cool photo of this legendary Baseball family.


October 11th, 1981, Game 5 of the NLDS which the Dodgers faced the Astros at Dodger Stadium. I love this photo so much. The crowd going insane, Jerry Reuss jumping off the mound in childlike enthusiasm, Steve Garvey dropping to his knees with fists in the air, and the defeated Astro Dave Roberts on the ground at 1B after making the final out. The Dodgers went on to defeat the Expos in the NLCS and then the Yankees in the World Series.


Roberto Clemente doing what he did best and that was playing the game perfect. I love how everyone in the crowd is frozen in the same direction, most likely holding their breath in anticipation to see how the play ended. Clemente is what I like to call one of my “Time Machine Players” as in if I had a time machine, he is one of the select players that I would go back and have to watch play the game.

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