Bobby. BagPipes. Mickey’s injuries. Hammerin’ Hank. Teddy Ballgame.

Roberto Clemente making a great catch. Not enough great things can be said about Clemente as a player and a person. If there was a definition of a “Perfect Baseball Career” it would have to be Roberto Clemente’s.


An awesome photo of Jeff Bagwell in action at First Base. Bagwell was one of my favorite players growing up and still is to this day. 2011 is the first year that he is eligible for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame and while it is almost certain he will not be inducted this year, it would be a travesty if he does not in time get into the Hall within a few years. Hopefully before 2014, as the class eligible that year is filled with some unbelievable players. Also, a kind of crazy note: Bill James has recently listed Bagwell as the 4th best First Baseman of all time.


Mickey Mantle and the injuries that plagued him throughout his career.


The steroid issue in Baseball has been beaten to death and it is almost not even worth talking about any more as it is said and done in some aspects. In any case, I found this comic today while doing Google image searches for Hank Aaron and I really liked it for it’s humor and the point made. Hammerin’ Hank is still the true Homerun  king (I put Josh Gibson up there with him also) and will forever be until someone clean breaks the record.


Ted Williams and The Cleveland Shift.


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