1908 Seals. Lefty. Joe. The Flying Dutchman. Tiant Jr & Sr.

The 1908 San Francisco Seals of the PCL. Holy shit, this rules.


Lefty O’Doul’s Baseball Card from 1952 as Manager of the old San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League. He was previously the Manager of the Seals from 1937 to 1951.


A great photo from the 1975 World Series. Joe Morgan up to bat and Carlton Fisk behind the plate. When I look at this photo, I like to think that this is a hanging curveball that Morgan is going to smash.


Honus Wagner at bat. Wow this photo is good, if I had a time machine one of things I would do is go back in time and check out Wagner play.


1975 World Series. Luis Tiant Jr of the Boston Red Sox watches his father Luis Tiant Sr throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game. Fidel Castro himself allowed Tiant’s mother and father to leave Cuba to see their son play in the World Series which for the most part is unheard of. This is well documented in “The Lost Son Of Havana,” if you ever get a chance to watch this please do so. It is actually on Netflix Instant View, so you have no reason not to. By the way Tiant Sr, was a southpaw Negro League star who pitched from 1926 to 1947 and was known for his incredible screwball. Read up on him HERE.

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