Rest In Peace to a true Hall of Famer: Ron Santo.

This Thursday, legendary Chicago Cub 3rd Basemen passed away due to complications of diabetes; a disease he fought the majority of his life including his entire career. Santo spent all 14 years of his career playing in the city of Chicago (1960-73 w/Cubs & 1974 w/Chisox) and had been in the Cub’s broadcast booth for WGN from 1990 to present. I am far from a Cubs fan but watching their games was a always treat because Santo’s enthusiasm was always so very genuine in regards to his love for the team and the city. The city of Chicago was very lucky to have Santo as a member of their Baseball family for so long. It had to be a treat that multiple generations of Cubs fans were able to become familiar with him and appreciate him on different levels. Baseball lost a great one this week who will never be forgotten by the city of Chicago and all Baseball fans alike.

Hopefully one day the Baseball Hall of Fame voting committee will get their heads out of their asses and make the right decision in getting Santo in the Hall where he deserves.

May  24th, 1963. Santo attempting to dive for a ball in a game against the Houston Colt 45s.

Santo at bat during his later years with the Cubs.

Santo performing his trademark heel-click of the 1969 season.

Santo and fellow Cub legend Ernie Banks fooling around.

A quite infamous photo of Santo in the on-deck circle awaiting his turn while a black cat passes him by. This couldn’t have been a good omen for his upcoming at-bat, I have always wondered if he got a hit after this occurred.

A great action shot of Santo playing 3rd Base in a game against the Phillies. I could be wrong, but I believe that may be Dick Allen sliding into him.


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