The Babe. Minnie. Junior. The 1996 Padres.The 1947 PCL All-Stars.

1927. Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees slides safely into home plate in a game against the Washington Senators.


A great photo of Minnie Minoso of the New York Cubans. Minoso played with the Cubans from 1945-1948 before leaving the Negro Leagues. During his long and illustrious Baseball career which (kinda) ended in 1973, Minoso also spent time in the Pacific Coast League, Major Leagues and also spent several seasons playing in the Mexican League. He is known as the only player to appear in a professional Baseball game in 7 different decades. This is due to a publicity stunt in 1980 by the Veeck family who owned the Chicago White Sox at the time and due to another publicity stunt in 1993 at age 67 when he made an appearance with the St. Paul Saints of the Independent Northern League. While those 2 stints are not to be taken too serious, what is awesome is that prior to the Veeck’s publicity stunt in 1980 in Chicago, they brought him back 3 years earlier in 1976 and he appeared in 3 games as a Pinch Hitter. He saw 8 at-bats in those games and hit a single… age 50.


Ken Griffey Jr. I remember jumping on my bed flying through the air like this as a kid with my glove on while imagining I was Junior. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he was the best.


1996. Fernando Valenzuela, Tony Gwynn, and Ken Caminiti of the San Diego Padres appeared on the cover of TV Guide as part of their September 28th-October 4th Baseball Playoff Preview issue. TV Guide took each post-season team and put 3 star players on collector’s covers. The Padres ended up being beat by the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS while the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees eventually met in the World Series.

1947. The Pacific Coast All-Star Team, such an awesome find. Take note of Casey Stengel in the middle as Manager of the Oakland Oaks. Lots of Padres and Seals in there also. Tonight I know what I will be doing: googling all of these players that I am not already familiar with.


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