Campy. Bobby V. Satch. Crash. Mr. October & Joltin’ Joe.

1955. Roy Campanella, Hall of Fame Catcher of the Brooklyn Dodgers honored by Time Magazine. Campanella arguably had his greatest season as a Major Leaguer in 1955 as he was voted to the All-Star game, won a World Series ring and won National League MVP of the year. He finished the season with 32 home runs, batted .318 and knocked in 107 RBIs.


1999. New York Mets Manager Bobby Valentine is ejected from a game against the Toronto Blue Jays for arguing with the home plate Umpire Randy Marsh. 1 inning later, Valentine showed up in the dugout wearing a fake mustache made from eye black stickers and dark glasses. MLB officials did not appreciate the lack of respect that Valentine showed to the Umpires and suspended him 3 games and fined him $5000.


1952. A 46 year old Satchel Paige relaxing as a member of the St. Louis Browns.


1972. Dick Allen of the Chicago White Sox juggling Baseballs and smoking in the dugout, no big deal. This photo is taken from the June, 12th 1972 cover of Sports Illustrated. Check it out HERE. Allen had an incredible career as a player and has had a very interesting life outside of Baseball. If you ever get a chance to read his autobiography Crash: The Life and Times of Dick Allen do not pass it up. I believe that Allen should be in the Hall of Fame, maybe one day we will see this happen.


1969. Oakland Athletics slugger Reggie Jackson and coach Joe DiMaggio digging into some lasagna.

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