Hal. Junior. Prince Albert. Sammy. Ty & Shoeless Joe.

1906. New York Yankees playing The Chicago White Sox. Read the photo’s description and really take note of where Hal Chase is playing. During Chase’s 19 year career he was known as one of the best fielders to play the game. While Chase was a great player, he’s probably not in the Hall of Fame due to his possible connection to the throwing of the 1919 World Series in addition to betting or offering bribes in other situations. Check out his wiki page HERE for information on Hal Chase, it’s really too bad how his legacy turned out due to being involved in these scandals.


Still the best, I wish you were still playing Junior.


Albert Pujols in action.


Sammy Sosa in mid-air a moment prior to sliding into 3rd base during his time with the Chicago Cubs. I will always be a sucker for photos like this.


1913 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ty Cobb of the Detroit Tigers and Shoeless Joe Jackson of the Cleveland Indians, talking the art of hitting.

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