The Spaceman. Jose. Rickey & Tony. Jerry. The Babe.

Bill Lee being Bill Lee as a member of the Montreal Expos.


Jose Canseco as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays in 1998.


October 7th, 2001. Hall of Fame Outfielders Rickey Henderson and Tony Gwynn of the San Diego Padres. A famous day in Padres history and Baseball history as it was Gwynn’s last game of his career and Henderson hit his 3000th career hit.


October 7th, 1950. New York Yankees Second baseman Jerry Coleman kissing his bat before game 4 of the World Series. Coleman who was an All-Star in 1950 ended up winning the MVP of the Fall Season Classic with several superb defensive plays, hitting .286 with 3 RBI’s.


George Herman Ruth Jr. makes his final appearance at Yankee stadium on June 13, 1948. This ended up being his last public appearance as he succumbed to cancer a little over 2 months later. The color in this photo really brings Ruth alive in the sense that the majority of the footage you see of him is in black & white. Truthfully, I enjoy this photo more than the famous Pulitzer Prize winning photograph commonly known as “The Babe Bows Out” by Nat Fein which is black and white and taken from behind.

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