An interesting game in 1926, Ray, Milton, Joe, ’86 Mets, and Deion vs. McCarver.


September 1st, 1926. Wow.


Ray Caldwell, Pitcher of the New York Yankees/Highlanders with bat in hand. Caldwell was known as one of the 17 spit ballers allowed to continue to utilize the pitch after it was banned in 1920.


Milton Bradley, oh how you make it so easy for some to dislike you but for some reason I still think you’re awesome.


A great photo of Joe Gordon sliding in for a triple in game 3 of the 1941 World Series.


Nails, Doc, and the Straw-Man in 1986. If reality shows existed in 1986 like they do now, what I would give to have cameras follow these guys around around this time.


I still like Deion more than Tim McCarver.

~ by duaneharris19 on September 26, 2010.

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