3 Finger Brown, Jackie, Davy Jones, Yogi Hurtin’, and the 1906 World Series.


3 Finger Mordecai Brown’s pitching hand.


Jackie Robinson extremely frustrated over an Umpire’s call in 1952. He was thrown out of the game due to the incident. (read text on photo for details)


Davy Jones of the Detroit Tigers up to bat during a snow storm on opening day in1911 at Bennett Park. The Tigers defeated the Chicago White Sox 4-2.


Yogi Berra being lifted off the field by Yankees teammates and team personal after injuring himself in a game in 1949 against the Detroit Tigers.


What I believe looks like a pick-off move during the 1906 World Series which had the White Sox and Cubs most certainly battling for Chicago Baseball bragging rights. Frank Chance of the Cubs slides in under Jiggs Donahue of the White Sox.

~ by duaneharris19 on September 21, 2010.

One Response to “3 Finger Brown, Jackie, Davy Jones, Yogi Hurtin’, and the 1906 World Series.”

  1. Awesome pics. All new to me.

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